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Polyurethane castable elastomers can be formulated to achieve a wide range of hardness from 30 Shore A to 95 Shore D. Polyurethane elastomers are oil, water and chemical resistance. High abrasion resistance, impact strength, durability, tensile strength, load bearing capabilities and excellent tear strength are principal features of Polyurethane elastomers.


Polyurethane elastomer application include a broad range of mechanical, industrial, and recreational goods. They are used in markets from transportation and construction to appliance, electronics and telecommunications.          

Typical applications:


- Electrical encapsulations

- Filter frames

- Wiper blades

- Pump and pipe linings 
- Chute liners 
- Industrial tires 
- Seals, O-rings, and gaskets 
- Casters and wheels 
- Sonar windows 
- Beatin and ski pads 
- Vibration and shock mounts 
- Bowling balls 
- Ski boots 
- Buoys and dock fenders