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Their unique combination of properties of polyurethane and polyurea has to lead their widespread and continually increasing use. They have excellent adhesion to various substrates such as concrete, steels, plastics, and rubber. Additionally, their unique combination of toughness, flexibility, abrasion , solvent and chemical resistance, and waterproofing, in addition to our ability to custom tailor material to your specific need, makes Poliso polyurethane and polyurea the choice for all polyurethane and polyurea needs.

Typical applications:                 

     - Protective/ decorative coating and finishing 
     - Textile, Leather, Rubber 
     - Automotive and transportation finishes (Truck bed-liners, under body coatings & Primers)
      - Industrial maintenance 
      - Anticorrosive metal finishes 
      - Floor varnishes 
      - Seamless flooring 
      - Marine finishes/ offshore applications (Heavy duty coating) 
      - Concrete sealing/ Plaster cement, Surface covering 
      - Wood coating, Furniture, Kitchen
      - Pipelines coating
      - Commercial and leisure boats coating
      - Containers and storage tanks (Heavy Duty coating)
      - Industrial and agricultural machinery coating
      - Protective coating for bridges
      - Waterproof coating, membrane
      - Roof Coating
      - Plastics Coating: ABC, PC, PP, PA, PVC, PPO, PMMA, PS 


Poliso provides CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRRY with a wide diverse line of Elastomeric Coating Systems, for VEHICULAR TRAFFIC and PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC as well as MEMBRANE SYSTEMS, and SEALANTS

offers a complete line of products, which when installed by trained applicators, provide a watertight, attractive and long lasting coating for roofing or situation where waterproofing is needed.

Poliso coatings are designed to deliver superior surface protection. Urethane and polyurea coatings are formulated to provide excellent waterproofing, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance as well as impact resistance





Poliso offers state of the art primers and coatings for all of your protection needs. Coatings include acrylics, aromatics, and aliphatic. Poliso offers latest polyurea coating technology available.