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One of the best thermal insulation materials available in the market is Rigid Polyurethane Foam, which are widely used in the construction and building industry. These applications favor urethane rigid foam for their high insulation, structural strength, protection, lowering noise levels and ability to float /Buoyancy.

Polyurethane Rigid Foam -Insulation - Sandwich Panels



Polyurathane Rigid - Spray Foam
PU rigid foam have one of the highest insulating R-values of all commercially available products today and made with a strong, lightweight, and low density structure that dimensionally stable and moisture resistant. 
                                                                            Polyurethane Rigid Foam



 POLYURETHANE RIGID FOAM applications in Building & construction:


- Insulation of Tanks and Containers 
- Pipeline Insulation (Hot or Cold): Insulation of pipe is the main applications of rigid foam and             is used in district heating, oil and gas pipelines and chemical plant construction. 
- Cold stores 
- Sheathing 
- Floor and Foundations and Wall Cavities 
- Drilling Platforms
- Garage and Entry Doors 
- Sandwich Panels 
- Insulating Boards & Insulation Blocks 
- Spray-in-Place for Roof Insulation & Sealing
- Stiffing and insulating of bath, Spa, Shower Stalls
- Void filling to prevent Vermin and Pests


 Polyurethane Insulating Panels




                                                                   Polyurethane Rigid Foam - Door





Poliso provides Construction & Building Industry with a wide range of Polyurethane Rigid Foam Systems for diverse array of technologies.