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                     AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORTATION


Product details: Polyurethane is increasingly valuable to Automotive Manufacturers worldwide. Polyurethane simultaneously offers:

• Weight reduction
• Durability
• Fuel efficiency
• Sound & Vibration absorption
                                                     Polyurethane applications in Auto Parts productions
This translates into improved efficiency, a more comfortable ride and a generally better product.

The recent developments in automobile design, pressured by the strong need to cut costs, has led to the use of polyurethane foams in this industry

Due to their durability, comfort, and safety, Flexible and Semi rigid Polyurethane Foam are the ideal choice for the transportation industry. They represent one of the major areas of polyurethane applications. 


POLYURETHANE  FLEXIBLE  FOAM in Automotive & Transportation Industry

Polyurethane Flexible Foam used for production of:

      Auto Seating
      Arm Rests
      Head Rests

                                                         Polyurethane Flexible Foam - Auto Seat

Polyurethane Flexible Foam application in Automobiles, Buses, Aircrafts and Railway Trains manufacturing industries.

Additional Applications:

      Sun Visor Padding
      Topper Pads
      Interior Trims
      Roof Liners Padding
      NVH (Noise & Vibration Harshness Control)


POLYURETHANE SPECIALTY MOLDED FOAMS in Automotive & Transportation Industry:

Specialty molded Polyurethane foams includes semi rigid, semi rigid integral skin, and semi flexible foam technologies, which have found widespread use in the automobile industries. The ranges of hardness to resilience are between rigid foam for insulation and flexible foam for seating applications. 

Polyurethane Specialty Molded Foam Systems are used for production of: 

      SIR Airbag Doors
      Knee Bolsters
      Instrument Panels
      Steering Wheels
      Sound Absorption Pads
      Carpet Backing
      Console Covers
      Side Impact
      Head Impacts, Head Liners
      Door Panels
      Packaging Shelves
      Spoilers and similar light contact automotive interiors trim and external applications



POLYURETHANE  RIGID FOAM in Automotive & Transportation Industry: 

Temperature-sensitive merchandise such as food, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and other highly perishable materials are transported or shipped over land or sea in specially insulated containers or refrigerated vehicles. Today almost all of these containers are insulated by PU rigid foam.

Polyurethane rigid foams are used more and more as core materials for:

     Sandwich panels for refrigerated vehicles and
     Thermal insulation of refrigerators vehicles, trucks/trailers, containers, railcars, ships,
     Recreation vehicles, and



Poliso provides Automobile/ Transportation Industries with a wide range of polyurethane systems for production of variety of high quality parts.